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COMING FALL 2020: New Places for New Faces: Training Laity for Starting New Ministries and Churches (tentative title). Doug serves as primary editor, compiler with assistance from Bener Agtarap and Emily Reece. The resource will include a workbook (downloadable or print), an online course (eLearning) and when possible, in-person training.

  1.         Roadmap to Renewal: Rediscovering the Church’s Mission. Cascade Books, 2017.
  2.        A Missionary Mindset: What Church Leaders Need to Know to Reach Their Community—Lessons from E. Stanley Jones. Discipleship Resources, 2016. Hacia Una Mentalidad Misionera: Aquello que los líderes de la iglesia deben saber para alcanzar a sus comunidades—Enseñanzas de E. Stanley Jones Discipleship Resources, 2018.
  3.        Hoja de Ruta: La Iglesia Redescubre Su Misión. General Board of Global Ministries, 2012. 
  4.        In the Precious Name . . . A Celebratory Writing in honor of Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar. Edited by Nicola Mulligan and Douglas Ruffle. Jersey Shore Press, 2011.



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Roadmap to Renewal: Rediscovering the Church's Mission
The Discovery Church Journey: An Invitation to Congregational Transformation
La Iglesia Redescubre Su Misión (Discovery Church Journey, Spanish)
Listen, Respond and Invite
In the Precious Name . . . A Celebratory Writing in honor of Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar


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