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Published ten times a year, the United Methodist RELAY is the periodical of the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference.  On this page find pdf files of columns written by Doug.

A Deeper Hospitality
Lessons my mother gave me about what it really means to be a friendly church.
A deeper hospitality.pdf
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Keeping Sabbath
How can we begin to observe and remember the Sabbath?
Keeping Sabbath.pdf
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Events inspire, processes transform
My friend, Doug Anderson, first taught me this lesson . . .
relay article on events processes.pdf
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Some people aren't sure what to believe today . . . but they still want to belong.
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It's about the Mission, Stupid!
Keeping the focus on the essentials.
its about the mission, stupid.pdf
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What is your plan?
The importance of coming up with a plan.
What is your plan.pdf
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