Building Blocks for a Multicultural Church

Originally published in the journal, Quarterly Review, in the Fal of 1993, this article, which is reprinted below, gives suggestions and ideas for ministry in a multi-ethnic or multi-cultural context.

Building Blocks for a Multicultural Congregation
Published in QUARTERLY REVIEW in the fall of 1993.
Building Blocks for a Multicultural Cong[...]
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Church Health and Wesley

At a Natural Church Development (NCD) training event held in 2010, Doug gave a talk on how principles of church health inherent in NCD relate very well to the thought and practice of John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement.

Church Health and Wesley
Read how Natural Church Development reflects some of the same principles that John Wesley and the early Methodists promulgated.
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"Holiness and Happiness Shall Cover the Earth": Trajectories of Wesley's Theology of Mission Evangelization
What can we learn from John Wesley’s views on mission evangelization for the United Methodist Church today? This article looks at Wesley's theology of mission through 1) His thought on the spreadin
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Juan F. Thomson, Christian Identity and the Beginnings of Spanish-language Protestant Preaching in the River Plate
First published in the Journal of the Academy for Evangelism in Theological Education, Vol. 10, 1994-95, this article traces the beginnings of Protestant preaching in Argentina and Uruguay (the River
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