Doug Ruffle

Certified Coach, Consultant, Workshop Leader

The Upper Room (publisher of Discipleship Resources books) has forged a partnership with Christian Audio ( A Missionary Mindset audiobook version is now available from them. Click here for more information.


Doug is available to give workshops (in English, Spanish or bilingual) on . . .


  • Helping local churches rediscover their mission and create an Action Plan (Roadmap to Renewal)
  • Drawing on the wisdom of E. Stanley Jones to reach new people for Christ (A Missionary Mindset). A Missionary Mindset was published in Spanish (see cover and link to the right) in September 2018. Order your copy now from The Upper Room Bookstore


Doug can help your conference, district or local church develop a strategic plan for ministry. He can help District Superintendents live into the meaning of "chief missional strategist."


Doug can coach your lay and clergy leaders to achieve a greater measure of success. Bilingual, Doug coaches in English or Spanish and is certifed by CoachNet International.


Doug writes three kinds of books:

  • Books that tell compelling and accurate stories of the intersection of life, faith, and spirituality. 
  • Books to help churches gain clarity for their mission and ministry.
  • Books that inspire and encourage people to draw upon the best that life offers.


Doug's book, A Missionary Mindset: What Church Leaders Need To Know To Reach their Community--Lessons from E. Stanley Jones, published by Discipleship Resources, in May of 2016. In a country where more and more of the population do not identify with any established religion (“nones”), it is important to have a “missionary mindset” that approaches the context in ways similar to a missionary from a foreign land. The book draws on the teaching of E. Stanley Jones who was in mission in a context of other faith traditions in the last century and who has much to inform our 21st-century efforts to plant new churches and revitalize existing ones. It is available for sale in print, kindle and e-pub formats and audiobook. Click on the cover to the left to be redirected to the online bookstore of The Upper Room.

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